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SkyDerby - Google Apps Certified Sales and Deployment Specialist
* Transitioning services include Google Message Security (GMS), Google Message Discovery (GMD), and Google
Message Encryption (GME). ** Excludes archiving, however special promotions are available.

30-day Free Trial - Gmail™
with 30 GB of Storage Audio &
Video Chat Calendar, Docs &
Sites Mobile - Blackberry -
iPhone & more. Contact us
directly for more information
and free trial registration.
McAfee Email Security
end-of-life (EOL) as of
January 11. 2017

Email Protection & Continuity
Archiving, Encryption will be
upgraded to Proofpoint
Essentials beginning in
January 2016.
Google Apps New Release
Enhanced add-ons experience
for Google Docs admins and
developers. Google for Work
Blog Spot.
Have our Google Apps Certified
Sales and Deployment Team
Specialists from our partner
SkyDerby, provide you with all
the information you need, to
get you started with Google
Apps for Business.
Secure Email Plus, is an
Authorized Google Apps
"In The Race to the Cloud...
Don't Let Your Business Be Left Behind"
ADAR makes the case for
Law firms use of private
clouds. Webinar
Spotlight - Private Clouds
Support Services
Google Apps & Free
migration from McAfee to

Migration services for
Exchange and Lotus
Notes, Zimbra and
IMAP/POP systems

Training and Support
Email & Phone Support
Domain Registration and
DNS Services

Intel Announces EOL for
McAfee Email Security Products