Pricing and Options

Special offer for transfering your Google Apps
Save up to 15% for the first year, when
transferring your Google Apps Business account
to us. Save even more, when purchasing
qualifying archiving services.

Google Apps for Business
$50.00 Annually or Monthly at $5.00 with
12-month term.
Google Message Discovery to
Google Vault transitions have
Google Vault Next
Google Vault it is now
available for domains.
Beginning January
2016 McAfee services
will begin transitioning
to Proofpoint

Effective January 11,
2016 new orders for
McAfee Email Security
Services excluding
archiving will no longer
be accepted.

Existing McAfee
customers will
continued to be
supported until January
11, 2017.

Support Services - Google Apps for Business
includes standard support of web and email
support. Support packages have minimum annual
billing and support fees. Critical support by
phone is available with an enhanced support
package. Setup fees apply.

Additional Support - Support for direct Google
Apps sevices are available on a limited basis.
Support for DNS services, basic setup and
non-direct support incidents are avalable on
term based and per-incident. Support plans
starting at $50 monthly.
Last day of new sales is January 10, 2016.
McAfee Email Security is entering into
end-of-life (EOL) as of January 11. 2016, with
final use date of January 11, 2017.

Beginning January 11, 2016 we will begin our
readiness for our migration to Proofpoint.
Free migration from McAfee to Proofpoint
Essentials, excludes archiving.

Special promotions are available for
archiving and historical data migration to
Proofpoint, Sonian or Global Relay.